Love, Amy is a full service Dating Concierge that marries the technology of modern-day dating with a holistic view of human-to-human energy and connection.




Have you just recently gotten back into the dating game after a long stretch, only to realize it’s more complex and frustrating than you’d imagined?  Or maybe you’ve been on and off the apps, but feel overwhelmed with the process, and aren’t sure if it’s actually worth your time? Can you really meet quality people this way?

Dating apps feel like they should be easy, but the reality is, flirting via an app feels weird.

How do you figure out how to banter online -- and then take a connection into real life?

How do you deal with the rollercoaster of emotions you endure while sifting through profiles, trying to connect, getting “ghosted” and wondering if any potential matches are worth moving forward with?

And how on earth do you have time for this?  To do it right, it needs to be your side hustle, and that takes time and effort, every single day.

You are not alone.  I know from working with my clients that all of these issues are REAL, and prevent them from meeting the high quality, wonderful, successful people that actually DO exist online (and they 100% do - it’s a fact).


About AMY

Founder Amy Nobile

Founder Amy Nobile

Amy is a best-selling Oprah featured co-author of four books, all designed to empower and inspire women at various stages of their lives. She’s also the co-founder of ASH + AMES, a company showcasing unique jewelry handmade by various female artisans around the globe.

Amy’s latest venture is Love, Amy - a Dating Concierge service that marries the technology of modern day dating with a holistic view of human to human energy and connection.



I feel like I just won the lottery with you as my Dating Fairy Godmother!
— Sarah, age 58



What is a Dating Concierge?  

Think of me as your right hand wing woman.

I actually log into your datings apps AS YOU, helping you start conversations (“ghost banter”), in your own voice, after we do a complete analysis of who you are and who you’re looking to attract.

We build an entire strategy, re-design your dating profile so that it actually sounds and looks like YOU, and then off I (we) go.

We work together for the entire three months.  You have total control over who you want to talk with, how the conversations are going, and who you want to delete. We’re in it together in constant communication, so there are no surprises.  You can call or text me along the way, for advice on anything from wardrobe suggestions to first date role playing to analysis of how a budding connection is going.

And the best part -

I teach you how to banter on your own, so that you can take the reigns over confidently over time!



I need you in my life—I feel like you give me the best juju!
— Mallory, age 32




You completely flipped the switch for me in terms of my mindset around dating. Now, the door is open, and the positive energy is incredible! I’m going on fantastic dates and I feel like opportunities are coming out of nowhere!
— Emily, age 45


I’m grateful that you have been a complete teammate in this dating adventure—and I’ve stretched and grown in ways I didn’t think I could. I’m now attracting the right kind of people and couldn’t be enjoying the journey more.
— Jane, age 41

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