Love, Amy is a full-service Dating Concierge

I’m different than most “Dating Coaches” because I take a holistic, inside-out look at who you are, what makes you uniquely YOU, your core values, and who you truly want to attract.

We build an entire strategy, re-design your dating profile so that it actually sounds and looks like YOU, and then off I (we) go.

Then I go into the dating apps as you and start conversations in your own voice "ghost banter" to attract the right guys. Once we - as a team - start putting the right “energy” out there, the light bulb goes on, and magic begins to happen.  I’ve seen it happen over and over and it’s truly priceless.

I feel like I just won the lottery with you as my Dating Fairy Godmother!

This is what you can expect:



  • Diagnose your dating ills (eg., What’s your dating/married history? Why are you stuck?  What’s holding you back? Why do you keep choosing the “wrong” guys/girls?)

  • Really hone in on who you want to attract (NOT who you THINK you should be with)

  • Take a good look at your personal happiness - are you where you want to be?  Why or why not? What are strategies for getting you to where you want to be?  How does this relate to attracting the right person? (Hint: Everything.)

  • Gain a very detailed/thorough understanding of who you are, your core values, and what your “voice” is.

  • Build a strategy to best present your personal brand

  • Wardrobe consulting (for apps and dates)



  • Recommend the right dating apps right for you.  Analyze your current dating app profiles, and rethink/reorganize/redo them (photos and written blurbs) to portray the most authentic, best version of YOU.

  • Here’s the really fun (and unique) part:  By now, I really am your partner in this, and have the ability to...well...take over as YOU.  I log onto the apps as you, and “ghost banter” in your voice. You know that anxiety-ridden roller coaster of a ride you take when engaging on these dating apps?  The euphoric highs...and then the depressing lows trying to decipher what’s going on? Well kiss that goodbye...because it’s now MY job. I have no emotional attachment and can channel your best self without taking things personally or over analyzing.   I have your calendar and set up coffee/juice/bar dates for you. All along the way you can see who I’m bantering with, how the conversations are going, and you have total control to delete people, truncate conversations, etc. You and I will be in constant contact so there are no surprises.  This part of the journey allows me to fine tune who your best matches are, and why. The best part is that I’m teaching you how to banter, too -- so that you can take the reigns over confidently over time

  • Pre- and post-date analysis

  • Ongoing coaching over the three month period